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Press Release:
   Germinator Adds Dr. Harold Smith to its Scientific Advisory Board
   Germinator Adds Dr. Jay Noller to its Scientific Advisory Board
   Germinator is Pleased to Add Dr. Roscoe Moore, Jr. to the Germinator Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Industry Articles
   A Study Shows That COVID-19 Spreads Much More Often In Homes Than Previously Thought by Researchers
   Authorities Relax Mask Mandate for Students in Miami-Dade
   BGR Reports How COVID Cases Are on the Rise and Doctors Can't Explain Them
   CDC Lifts No-Sail Ban While Cruise Companies Develop Plan To Protect Those Aboard
   Curfew Is Back on! Starting This Weekend
   Early COVID-19 Vaccine Test Results by Pfizer Show 90% Effectiveness Rate in Preventing the Disease
   Find the Best Places in Miami to Get the Best Turkey for This Upcoming Thanksgiving
   Grocery Stores Set a New Purchase Limit on Disinfecting Wipes and Other Items
   Health Experts Urge Vaccinated People to Continue Wearing Masks
   Health Experts Work to Forestall New COVID-19 Mutations
   Miami Seniors Show Concern over Vaccination Process
   Miami-Dade County Lifts COVID-19 Curfew
   New COVID Cases Could Overwhelm Hospitals
   New COVID Vaccination Site to Open in Miami Dade College
   Pfizer Vaccine Will Be Available At Miami International Airport
   Post-COVID Symptoms and Effects on Global Healthcare
   Scientists Reveal That COVID Can Survive on Surfaces for 28 Days
   Should People Recovered from COVID-19 Get the Vaccine?
   South Florida is on the Brink of a Second COVID Wave
   Spring Break Causing a COVID-19 Spike
   U.K. Reports a New COVID-19 Strain and Higher Transmission Rates
   Updates on COVID-19 Vaccinations in the City of Miami
   Vaccine Appointments Fill Up As Publix Supermarkets Act As Vaccination Sites
   Where to Get Tested on Thanksgiving

   AJM Law Group PA Ensures a Hygienic Environment with the Best Miami Sanitizing Company
   Alden Properties Calls Germinator for the Best in Miami Office Building Disinfecting
   Business Prioritizes Hygiene with Miami Disinfecting Company
   Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing: Is There a Difference?
   COVID-19: Second Wave Predictions
   Disinfecting the Workplace for COVID-19
   Do We Still Need to Sanitize with a COVID-19 Vaccine?
   Do You Know What Other Companies Are Spraying? You Should…, Get the Facts
   Freshman Barbershop Hires Germinator to Disinfect & Protect Their Shop Overnight
   Germinator Miami Hired to Sanitize and Disinfect the Havana Air Offices
   Germinator Shares KHQ's Story on Wearing Masks vs No Masks
   Germs Can Thrive at the Office, Too! Is Your Office at Risk?
   Homeowner Gets Peace of Mind with the Best in Miami Sanitizing Services
   Homeowner Hires the Best Miami Sanitizing Company to Disinfect her House
   Household Disinfectants: What's Behind the Label?
   How Do Germs Spread on Surfaces?
   How Long Does the Coronavirus Live on Surfaces?
   How to Help Prevent MRSA From Spreading at Home
   Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Infections: How Germinator Can Help Medical Facilities
   Proactive Sanitizing and Disinfecting: Keep Your Customers at Ease at All Times
   Remarketing Solutions Ensures a Hygienic Environment with the Best Miami Sanitizing Service
   Silveroak Home Health Care Hires Miami Disinfecting Company to Help Them Stay Protected
   Successful Boutique Gets Back To Business After Hiring The Finest Miami Disinfecting Service
   Surge in COVID Cases at Dade and Broward County Schools
   The Best Way to Clean and Disinfect Your Sports Equipment by Germinator
   This Real Estate Firm Ensured a Germ-Free Workplace With Our Miami Sanitizing Service
   What Can I Do to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?
   What Can I Use to Disinfect My House?
   What Disinfectant Kills MRSA?
   What Does Prophylactic Spray Do?
   What is a Healthy Home and How Can Germinator Make it Feel and Smell Clean?
   What Is Disinfecting?
   What Is the Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting for COVID-19?
   What's the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing?
   Why Is It Important to Sanitize?
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